Kaufman | O'Neil Architecture

"When creative people attack challenges, those challenges become opportunities and enhance projects rather than limit them."


Every project is unique and has its own roller coaster of ups and downs, it’s inevitable. What’s important is how we deal with unforeseen and difficult situations when they arise. When creative people attack challenges, those challenges become opportunities and enhance projects rather than limit them.


Collaborative Process

From project conception through occupancy, collaboration of all players is critical to project success. Open dialogue and critical analysis throughout are a constant. Our experience has taught us to assemble a team of top consultants and contractors to rely on.


Comprehensive Services Customized to your Needs

We offer a full range of architectural services ranging from feasibility studies, programming, budgeting, planning, designing, documenting and bidding your project to construction administration and coordinating with your contractor. Services are customized to your project and needs, ensuring the proper level of service for maximum efficiency and flexibility.


Passion & Perspective

When you love what you do for a living, it’s much easier to bring passion and energy to each project.  

Design and Planning are prerequisites to project success. But each project has a story of how it got built; the budget, schedule, material selections, and unforeseen details. Management of the entire process is ultimately critical to a successful project. We revel in making the construction phase an enjoyable part of the process.


Low Overhead – High Experience

Jim Kaufman and Tim O’Neil bring over 45 years of successful projects and happy clients. Located in the North Shore of Chicago, we have intimate knowledge of the unique neighborhoods throughout the entire Chicagoland area.

Both partners spent over 12 years with two of the most decorated luxury residential development companies in the Midwest on projects ranging from single family homes to high-rise buildings. All of these projects presented unique challenges. Success was not assured via a script or process, but hard work and creativity.  

Developing a project design requires constant attention to detail, no matter the size or scale. Our experience range has taught us a sensitivity to budgets and how the small details can add up quickly.