Private Residences

Glenlake Exterior Renovation
Edgewater Glen, Chicago Illinois

An undated grainy old photograph of the home revealed the original wood clapboard siding of this American Foursquare on the north side of Chicago.  A prior renovation stuccoed directly over the existing siding, resulting in the house looking slightly bloated, or as the current owner’s son said, “like hummus had been spread over the house.” 

The renovation brought back the crisp lines and details.  The front porch was reopened, changing the entry from a stuffy mud room to a gracious extension of the home.

A package from the home’s original owner was found in the first floor joists that contained canceled checks and bank statements wrapped in a newspaper from October 3, 1918.  Nearly one hundred years later and the current owner is still writing checks to People’s Gas, Light & Coke as well as Commonwealth Edison.


Spring 2016


General Contractor: WZ Home Improvement

Roofing & Siding Contractor: Turbacz Construction

Stucco exterior & enclosed porch.

Original wood siding remained underneath the stucco.

Package found in the first floor joists - wrapped in newspaper from October 3, 1918.

The hardworking craftsmen of Turbacz Construction.