Private Residences

East Pearson Street Condominium
Chicago, Illinois

With the highest possible complement from a client, the original homeowner recommended us to the new owner for this renovation.  What started out as tweaks turned into a significant renovation of this condominium overlooking Lake Shore Park and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Renovating a unit that Jim originally designed 13 years ago could have been a challenge.  Not with a new homeowner.  We don’t see design as a singular aesthetic pursuit but finding the best design solutions with a specific client.  Both the previous and new owners have fantastic taste and styles, but very different.  Both owners are empty nesters but both have very different functional needs as well.

What was previously a transitionally styled, efficient and impeccably detailed home transformed into a residence with the highest levels of modern art.  While stressing the importance of flexible art display, multi-function spaces,  and minimal detailing, the most important design quality was to be first a home, then a place to display art.  


This project once again reminded us how successful projects are when the owner, architect, interior designer, and contractor work in concert.



Summer 2016


Interior Design: Judi Male + Associates

Lighting: Schuler Shook

General Contractor: Goldberg General Contracting, Inc.

Millworker: Stay-Straight Manufacturing

Photography:  Scott MacDonald, Gray City Studios